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Wuhan Nanrui Electric Co,. Ltd (short for Nanrui Electric) was restructured by early state-owned enterprise, is one of the backbone enterprises of designing and manufacturing high voltage test equipment. For more than 10 years, with the effect of all staff and leaders, our company has become a high-tech enterprises which specialize in scientific research, technical advisory, equipment development, product distribution and engineering service. Our company located in Optics Valley Wuhan Hubei, the factory occupies an area of 1035 square meters. Our products mainly used for power supply bureau, power plants, railways, telecommunications, petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy, meteorology bureau and other relative industry of power and electricity.
     In 2001, Nanrui Electric was defined as “Hubei enterprise technology center” by Hubei Economics and Trade Commission, Hubei Department of Finance, Hubei Tax Bureau and Wuhan Customs;
     In 2004, Nanrui Electric was defined as high-tech enterprise by Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau;
     In 2005, Nanrui Electric was listed to Electricity Testing Equipment manufacturer by National Economics and Trade Commission, the products have passed the quality certification of National Quality Supervision Test Center. Scientific and technical innovation is the power and development of enterprise dynamic source. Our company have gained a mount of high level and own intellectual property right for technologies and products through continuous innovation;
    In 2006, Nanrui Electric expand overseas market successfully, the featured products of DC high voltage generator have been exported to Russia;
    In 2008, the featured products of NRBZC-Ⅲ Automatic Variable Ratio Group Tester and NRJJ-Ⅱ Automatic Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Tester was exported to New Zealand;
    In 2009, the featured products of transformer integrated test instrument was exported to Indonesia successfully in April, and in May our company began to fully implement ISO9001:2009 international quality management system certification standards;
    In 2010, the annual sales of FRC AC and DC voltage divider reached to 942 sets, and the annual sales of TAG Wireless nuclear phase testers also reached to 400 sets, that fully demonstrated our company leadership in the field of high voltage measurement;
    In 2011, we developed NRHLY series high-precision loop resistance tester, the annual sales exceeded 200 sets, the resolution of this series instrument reach to 0.01 micro ohm , the stability and repeatability belong to the leading domestic level;
    In 2012, our company was awarded two patents of invention, they are DC high voltage generator ( Patent No. : ZL 2012 2 0391370.9) and the partial pressure type of high voltage measuring device ( Patent No. : ZL 2012 2 0355014.1);
    In 2012, out company developed three -phase and six -phase microcomputer relay protection tester, the  annual sales exceeded 250 sets, the performance of each phase had reached the leading domestic level;
    In 2013, our company developed the DC resistance tester, the accuracy can reach 0.1 grade, the measuring range can be from1Ato100Awith nine kinds of specifications, its repeatability and stability reached domestic leading level;
    In 2013, we developed 800kV pulse divider, it had got through the identification of national measurement stations;
    On April 2013
,Wuhan Nanrui Electric Co., Ltd. was awarded as “Trustworthy Enterprise” in Wuhan City by Wuhan City Administration for Industry and Commerce.

    From 2014 to 2015,
the 0.1% high precision standard voltage divider which researched and developed by our company independent has appraised and obtained the certificate by the National Electric Power Research Institute and National Center For High Voltage Measurement..
    In 2015, The registered trademark “NANR” of Wuhan Nanrui Electric Co., Ltd was awarded as “famous brand in Wuhan” by Wuhan administration of industry and commerce.
    In September 2015, our products were certified by China Quality Certification Center (CQC) to obtained the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification.