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Microcomputer Protection Relay Test Set
NR802 protection relay test set is based on "the technology of microprocessor-based relay test device (discussion paper)" issued by Electric Power Department , and adopted varies views of  the users, summarized the current strengths and weaknesses of the domestic similar products , and also have a full usage of modern advanced microelectronic technology and devices to achieve a smart new type of microcomputer-based protection relay tester. It not only can run independently but also can run with laptop. The host is built with a new generation of high speed digital signal processor, an 16-bit DAC module, a new modular high-fidelity power amplifier, with a large screen LCD and a flexible rotate mouse controller. Stand-alone independent operation already has a strong function, it can be carried out most of test, and it will have more powerful operation function if connected with computer.
High Voltage Divider
NRV Series High Voltage Probes is used connecting with oscilloscope, to measure the frequency which can be up to 20MHz and the voltage which can be up to 1000kV (can be customized according to the customer’ requirement). It fills the blank that the voltage of high voltage probes is no more than 30kV in our country. NRV Series High Voltage Probes is the latest product which is researched and developed by our company, we have invested heavily and took more than 3 years, combined with some of the top universities and laboratories to research and develop the new product. we have complete independent intellectual property rights. It can be used for various of high voltage measurement, it can meet various measuring requirements of high frequency and high voltage, high voltage switch, military equipment and so on. The high-voltage probes is adopt special low temperature coefficient resistors and capacitors as the main components, joining our company's patented internal shielding technology, so that the high-voltage probes has an excellent high-frequency characteristics and high measurement stability.
NRPA/ NRPD Series standard voltage divider also known as high-precision standard voltage divider. It is used as standard divider in national- wide, provincial and municipal Quality & Technical Supervision and high voltage laboratory. As its high accuracy, it can measure relative small changes of AC and DC voltage, it provide reliable measuring method for analyzing varies of materials, precision measuring voltage and nominal voltage. Wuhan Nanrui Electric Company has committed to promote precision voltage divider for long time, so far the highest voltage level is 500kV, and the highest accuracy is 0.05%. Fully listening to the views of provincial metrology institutes, we have resigned this series of products, which make it lighter and stability. All the core components are imported, through more than 30 kinds of strict screening processes to guarantee the excellent performance. 
DC Resistance Tester
Loop Resistance Tester
NRHLY-100A loop resistance tester also known as circuit resistance tester or contact resistance tester, it is mainly used to measuring the main contact resistance of all kinds of high and low voltage circuit breaker (referred to switch), it also can test the resistance of high and low voltage cable, bus, weld and any low resistance non-inductive electrical devices. NRHLY-100A loop resistance tester is strict in accordance with the relevant regulations of GB50150-91 and DL/T596-1996 in the latest standard of “JJG1052-2009 loop resistance test procedures”, can output stable large current 100A for a long time, which avoid the defects that instrument can not be continuous work and thus can not effectively breakdown “oxide film”. It is combined the new power and precision measurement controlling circuits, making the measurement data with high accuracy and good repeatability.
DC High Voltage Test Set For Water Cooled Generator