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The advantages of series resonant power in electric system application

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1, The required power capacity is greatly reduced. The series resonant power is using the resonant reactor and test capacitor resonant to generate high voltage and large current, in the whole system, the power supply only need to provide active consumption part, therefore, the  required power source is only 1 / Q of tested capacity.

  2, The weight and volume of the device is greatly reduced. In series resonant power supply, not only can eliminate the  bulky power regulating device and ordinary power frequency test transformer and resonant excitation power just test the capacity of 1 / Q, making the system significantly reduces the weight and volume, usually common test device 1/5-1/10.

   3, To improve the output voltage waveform. Resonant power supply is a resonant filter circuit that can improve the output voltage waveform distortion, to get a good sine wave, and can effective prevent misuse breakdown to the test sample by harmonic peak.

4, To prevent short-circuit current fault point burning. In the series resonance state, when the insulated weakness of test object has been breakdown, the loop current will drop to 1/Q of normal testing current, When use the parallel resonance or testing transformer to test withstand voltage, the breakdown current rise to several times soon, compared to the short-circuit current, the difference between breakdown current will up to number times. Therefore, the series resonance can find insulation weaknesses effectively, without the hidden danger that may cause the fault point burning by large current.

5, Without recovery any overvoltage. When the tested sample has been breakdown, as the resonance condition loss, the high voltage immediately disappear, and arc will as extinguished soon, as the re-establishment of recovery voltage process is very long, it is easy to disconnect power source before reach the flashover voltage, the voltage recovery is an intermittent oscillation process of energy accumulation, and that will not recovery any over-voltage.