NR8801 DC System Comprehensive Tester

NR8801 DC System Comprehensive Tester

Classification: Battery test series

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Product introduction

NR8801 DC system comprehensive test instrument meet the state relevant requirement of the dc power supply operation and maintenance regulations, it was developed and researched according to many years of research results and experiences in field operation, and also was comprehensive domestic and foreign advanced technology. The device can realize the inspection and test in different capacity of the charger and battery capacity, and also can accurately test the voltage regulation accuracy, precision of steady flow, the ripple coefficient, the efficiency value, ac input value 1-25 harmonic and discharge capacity of substation dc power supply system, at the same time, it is equipped with dc power comprehensive tester data analysis software, can variously analysis the measurement data uploaded to the computer.

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The Characteristics of the products

1,NR8801 is a kind of dc power test analysis of special equipment, it is fully in automatic accordance with the national standard to complete ac voltage adjustment, load resistance, parameter test (ripple coefficient test, steady flow precision test, Precision of voltage regulation test, etc.), automatic record test values, stop testing, and other functions;

It is a DC power supply test and analysis equipment, automatic AC voltage adjustment is completed in accordance with the national standard, a load resistor, parametric tests (ripple factor test, steady flow accuracy testing, Precision of voltage regulation testing, etc.), and stops automatically record test value testing and other functions;

2,Strong extension function: compatible with 220 v and 110 v dc system detection;

3,Adopt Three-phase automatic numerical control voltage regulator: the output of high precision, large power, high voltage stability;

4,It use ARM and DSP double working control and 16 M bytes of FLASH memory.

5,Instrument use LCD touch screen, all English graphics interface, operating more simple and convenient;

6,Display test data in time during test process, chart is clear, intuitive and convenient;

7,can save, echo test data or upload the test data to PC, use special dc power supply comprehensive tester data analysis software to analyze detailed data chart, can test, save, edit and print at any time;

8,incoming data into computer, manage the warehouse, long-term historical data can be saved and analyzed;

9,modular structure, reasonable design, reliable operation, small volume, light weight;

10,Mass storage: can save three hundred group data of stable voltage accuracy test, ripple coefficient test, steady flow precision test, efficiency test and Current limiting characteristics test;

11,Has perfect communication function, with RS485 communication interface and USB interface, can transfer data and update instrument software trough U disk;

12,It has automatic protection function: when the instrument detects the group or monomer battery abnormal during the testing process, it can automatically terminate the test;

13,Can prevent the battery excessive discharge, completely avoid the impact to equipment; Also can terminate the test according to your need.


● Comprehensive test: comprehensive test show that measuring dc current, dc voltage, ac voltage and ripple voltage, also can calculate the voltage regulation accuracy, steady flow accuracy, voltage ripple coefficient and steady flow ripple coefficient.

● Steady voltage precision test: when AC input voltage changes within ±10%, load current changes within 0~100% and DC output voltage is at any numerical in adjustment range, its steady voltage precision.

● Steady flow precision test: when AC input voltage changes within ±10%, output current is at any rate 20% ~ 100% and charging voltage changes within prescribed adjusting range, its steady flow precision.

● Ripple precision test: we calculate the steady voltage ripple coefficient and steady current ripple coefficient by the ratio of half of the difference of the peak and valley value of ripple quantity and the average dc output voltage in the dc voltage of charging device output.

● Efficiency test: the ratio of the rated ac input power and the dc output power of the charging device, efficiency test shows the measurement of AC voltage, AC current, DC voltage and DC current, at the same time, calculate input power, output power and efficiency.

● Harmonic test: current harmonic test mainly shows 1 ~ 25 times the status of the harmonic, it contains harmonic (or fundamental wave) times, True RMS harmonic, Harmonic containing rate (HR), the rate of total harmonic distortion (THD) etc parameter.

● The battery discharge: digital control constant-current discharge, automatic real-time monitoring the voltage of single section battery and the whole battery, the battery discharge test shows the measurement of DC current, DC voltage and discharge time, to calculate the discharge capacity.

● Real-time monitoring function: real-time display and control variety of the set parameters, such as voltage, current, time and so on.  

● Monitoring discharge online: Can be real-time monitoring through wireless communication, record single section or whole group battery voltage, and real-time display curve and histogram in PC .

● Automatic protection function: Through setting the minimum protection voltage of the battery pack and battery cell , discharge capacity, discharge time these four kinds of threshold alarm to realize automatic protection.

● Powerful data processing function: can curve shows a number of measurement result, generate reports, and integrated computation analysis, accurate identification.

● Data analysis: including comprehensive analysis, steady voltage accuracy analysis, steady flow accuracy analysis, ripple factor analysis, efficiency analysis, harmonic analysis and battery discharge analysis, the measurement can be re-display the contents of the original interface.

● Data upload: This feature allows users to upload the saved measurement data to a computer to perform various analysis.

● System upgrade: This feature allows users to use U disk to update the meter software.

The parameters of the products


Host Specifications

voltage regulator






Load Current



110V:0~80A 220V:0~50A

Rated Power


Voltage Rating




Input Voltage






Output Voltage






Rated Current


DC Voltage Test






Voltage:±0.5%  Current:±0.5%



Ripple Factor








Power Supply




Wireless transmission distance

Within 100m under open environment



Work Environment

Temperature:-5℃~50℃  Humidity:5%~90%



According to customer demand customized equipment with different levels of voltage and current

Power supply: AC110V/115V/120V/127V/220V/230V/240V optional
Input frequency: 50Hz/60Hz optional
Note: The users can select the corresponding power which based on their local supply voltage and frequency, and we will confirm it before the delivery (or inform us that the goods will be used in which country advance)

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