NR8802C Intelligent Battery Internal Resistance Tester (Touchscreen and Buttons)

NR8802C Intelligent Battery Internal Resistance Tester (Touchscreen and Buttons)

Classification: Battery test series

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Product introduction
Intelligent battery internal resistance tester (also called battery status tester), using the most advanced AC discharge test method, can accurately measure battery voltage and resistance at both ends, and use this to determine the Pros and cons of technical status and battery capacity;
Customers can choose the battery internal resistance, voltage and capacity estimate according to their situation, to use it as the basis of impedance matching when new battery with group;
Testing battery internal resistance before and after discharge to identify the backward battery;
Buttons and LCD touch two modes of operation;
It can measure groups of battery, also can measure a single battery.
Alternative name
The Characteristics of the products

1, Intelligent, digital, full English menu operation, accurate measurement and simple operation.

2, Weighing not more than 0.5Kg, hand held and waist straddle double design, single operation, fully automatic measurement.

3, Meet a variety of battery internal resistance testing standards, include a full range of battery internal resistance parameter database, you can define the standard internal resistance of the battery according to different battery.

4, Test method is simple, do not affect the working status of the battery, also do not produce a safety hazard.

5, The instrument can save a large of amount of storage test data, and can do conclusive query and analysis on the instrument, also can use U disk to export the battery test data to computer software to generate charts and curves, and then analyze.

6,Test reports can be easily imported into Excel and Word files, and be printed a report in the specified format, easy to manage, in order to reduce the workload.

7, Unique four-terminal multipurpose test clip, set test clip, probe and other functions in one, can adapt to more than 98% of the battery connection installation and battery pole form.


1, It can measure groups of battery, also can measure a single battery.

2, Oscilloscope. When you need, you can use oscilloscope anytime and anywhere.

3, Data management, data query, data deleting, transferred to U disk.

4, You can view the data results directly on the instrument, provide reliable and timely data to support field judge, and you also can store the data into U disk, it is easy to carry.

5, System management, clock settings, metering calibration, system parameter setting, program updates.

6, Set the correct time displayed on the instrument for easy work, the instrument provides independent calibration function to facilitate self-calibration for comparison. It is easy and convenient to update the program function.

7, Software management function: provide free analysis software upgrade services for life.

The parameters of the products



Measurement Range

Internal resistance:0.00mΩ-100mΩ   Voltage:0.000v--16.00v

Minimum resolution

Internal resistance:0.01mΩ   Voltage:1mV

Measurement Accuracy

Internal resistance:±2.0% rdg±6dgt   Voltage:±0.2% rdg±6dgt


240×320 24bit 3.5 Inch TFT LCD + Touch screen





Storage Capacity

16 M byte FLASH

Power Supply

 Rechargeable lithium battery, can work 5 to 6 hours

External power supply

AC100~240V/DC8.4V-1A Power adapter / charger

Communication Interface

USB interface (plug U disk)

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