NRGS Generator surface voltage tester

NRGS Generator surface voltage tester

Classification: Cable/Circuit/Lighting Arrester Test Device

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Product introduction

GDHV-30D Discharge Voltage Measurement Stick for Partial Discharge Test also called Generator Stator End Insulation Tester, it is used the method of surface potential ( also known as the method of external electric potential ) to detect the insulation defects of generator stator bar.

By measuring the density and relative dielectric strength of the stator end handbags, it can make up the insufficient which generator rator wingding AC, DC withstand voltage test cannot find the end insulation defects. Through the test, it can be found poor insulated lead wire, coil end of bandage insulation defects, inadequate filled mud in insulation box, binding of polyester glass rope poor curing, permeation caused by the poor welding quality of the hollow copper wire of the stator joint end and other defects. The generator stator winding end surface potential measurement is a new test project, and the end of the coil realizes supervision function, which further improve the reliability of generator safety operation.

Alternative name

Generator surface voltage tester,Discharge Voltage Measurement Stick for Partial Discharge Test,Generator stator end insulation tester

The Characteristics of the products
The parameters of the products

● Testing Voltage: DC 0-30KV

● Accuracy: 1.5%

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