YTM-Z Hipot Tester for Insulation Gloves / Boots / Rods (Automatic)

YTM-Z Hipot Tester for Insulation Gloves / Boots / Rods  (Automatic)

Classification: Partical Discharge/AC DC hipot test set

Reference standard: GB17622-1998,DL/T976-2005

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Product introduction

YTM-Z Hipot Tester for Insulation Gloves/ Boots/ Rods is a special equipment for withstand voltage test on insulation boots/ gloves/ rods. It also can test the safety equipment, such as insulation screwdriver and insulation pad etc. The test equipment is designed and produced according to the testing requirement of insulated boots (gloves), and it is comply with the advice of the majority of users. The product has improved work efficiency and protect the working security, it is an ideal special equipment for insulated boots (gloves) test.

Alternative name

Insulated gloves & boots withstand voltage testing equipment, protective equipment insulation testbed, insulated boots & gloves withstand tester, assistive insulated tools testing device, insulated gloves & boots testing device, charged protective equipment insulation testers, insulated boots & gloves tester, insulated boots & gloves testing machine

The Characteristics of the products

1.High voltage, leakage current, withstand voltage time status information and other data will be displayed LCD screen at the same time, with backlight, clear reading and is intuitive.

2.English interface, status notification, reminders, guided working, the operation is simple and straightforward.

3.Light touch panel keys operation, all functions can be set through the keys, to improve product safety and reliability.

4.Full digital calibration, eliminating the old potentiometer adjustment method, the scene extremely easy to use.

5.Adopt hardware and software anti-jamming technology, with stable performance and strong anti-interference.

The parameters of the products

(1). Input voltage: AC220V, 50Hz

(2). Output voltage: 0 ~ 30kV

(3). Capacity: 3kVA

(4). Test quantity: 6 pieces each time

(5). Display: LCD display, with all English operational menu

(6). Protection fuction: over-current protection; over-voltage protection

(7). Setting function: setting time, voltage and leak current value

(8). Printer function: can print the voltage and leaked current value of each tested item

(9). Measuring accuracy: Voltage ± 2% ( ± 3 digit ), current ± 2% ( ± 3 digit)

(10). Weight: Controller: 12kg

                     Test bench: 60kg


Power supply: AC110V/115V/120V/127V/220V/230V/240V can be optional

Input frequency: 50Hz/60Hz can be optional

Note: The users can select the corresponding power which based on their local supply voltage and frequency, and we will confirm it before the delivery (or inform us that the goods will be used in which country advance) 

Product information

For your safety and equipment, please operator read the following carefully:
1. The enclosure must be grounded during the testing.
2. The irrelevant objects do not allow to stack on and around the device panel.
3 Check the power supply before starting voltage: AC 220V ± 10%    50Hz.
4 When replace the fuse and accessories, please use the YTM-Z insulated boots (gloves) withstand voltage testing device (automatic) with the same type.
5.YTM-Z insulated boots (gloves) withstand voltage testing device (automatic)should be prevented against moisture and grease.
6. During the testing, please make sure the tested objects is power off, and disconnect the charged device.