NRYZ-2000 Series Transformer With Load Switch Tester

NRYZ-2000 Series Transformer With Load Switch Tester

Classification: Transformer Inspection/Switch Testing Device

Reference standard: DL/T846.8-2004

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Product introduction

NRYZ-2000 series  transformer load switch tester is integrated testing device, used for measuring and analyzing the power transformers and special transformers with load switch electrical performance in the power system. It adopts microcomputer control, through the precision designed measuring circuit, that can realize on-load switch transition time, transition waveform , transition resistance , three-phase simultaneous and other parameters measured accurately. Users may need and site conditions , leads directly from the tap to measure , but also by the three-phase transformer casing and wiring direct measurement of the neutral point . Based on user need and on-site condition, can measure directly via a tap switch lead, and also can measure though transformer three-phase drivepipe and neutral point directly.
Transformer load switch tester, the measured data can be analyzed, stored and printed. Solve the problems of current power transformer on-load tap backward measuring methods, and no dedicated testing methods. In the process of electrical equipment preventive testing and transformers overhauling, it can diagnose the loaded tap switch potential trouble timely, it’s important to improve power system reliability.

Alternative name
On-load tap tester, transformer load top switch tester, transformer load tap tester
The Characteristics of the products
NRYZ-2000 Transformer Load Switch Tester
Products Characteristics

1.Light oscilloscope function
Instrument is divided into three channels,which can be recorded simultaneously A, B, C phase ,the instrument can automatical capture and display the process of transition process transition resistance and time transition.Weather-proof,the functions is superior than light oscilloscope.
2.Strong integrate ability

Can realize on -load tap- measurement of various parameters just by a single instrument. Such as switch selection,switch whole process without opening the breakpoint,transition waveform, transition time,transition resistance,three-phase simultaneous and so on. Match with the function keys,you can analyze the waveform of each time period and resistance.
NRYZ-2000 transformer load tap tester is equipped with a front plate countertop for high-speed printer paper.

4.With good anti-jamming performance.
All-aluminum chassis and instrument are equipped with power supply noise filter and anti-jamming circuit,can be tested in the weak power,strong electromagnetic interference field.
5.Data saved, data communicated.
The measured data and waveform can be stored in the instrument.The stored waveforms can up to 128 groups,will not be lost due to power off,on-site testing results can be stored via a dedicated data line to the computer by serial transmission of preservation.( Wuhan NANRUI Electric send special software )

NRYZ-2008 Transformer Load Switch Tester
Products Characteristics
1.Testing Y0 Y △type transformers,resistance will be displayed directly without conversion;
2.Data analysis humanized, can identify the trouble among the waveform automatically, and making marks ;
3.Waveform display is based on data back to automatically adjust the sampling time and the magnitude of the resistance;
4. Can test with winding or without.
5. Four-terminal connect wire method,provide high-precision resistance to measure,without wire compensation;
6.Can test continuously in the process of be testing,saving transformer outage time;
7.Instrument can generate word report to facilitate data management and query;
8.NRYZ-2008 transformer load switch tester is controlled by a small computer, outside with a 800 × 480 color LCD touch screen , high-speed thermal printer, support for external keyboard and mouse , easy to operate;
9.Instrument's internal can save 800 sets of data automatically, or can be saved by U disk .
The parameters of the products

Project parameters
NRYZ-2000 Transformer Load Switch Tester
NRYZ-2008 Transformer Load Switch Tester
Voltage Output
Current output
Power supply
Resistance Measuring Range
Y/0 transformer 1-40Ω,Y-type transformers 1-40Ω
Resistance measuring  Accuracy
1Ω~50Ω±5% (Without 1Ω)
Time measurement range
Time measurement accuracy


Three-phase synchronism -
Sampling frequency
Operating Temperature
Operating humidity
12kg(with attachments)

Power supply: AC110V/115V/120V/127V/220V/230V/240V optional
Input frequency: 50Hz/60Hz optional
Note: The users can select the corresponding power which based on their local supply voltage and frequency, and we will confirm it before the delivery (or inform us that the goods will be used in which country advance)

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