NRGK-III Low and High Voltage Switchgear Power Test bed

NRGK-III Low and High Voltage Switchgear Power Test bed

Classification: Transformer Inspection/Switch Testing Device

Reference standard: DL/T596-2005,DL/T404-2007

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Product introduction

NRGK-III low and high low and high voltage switch cabinet power-on testbed is used for low and high voltage switch cabinet manufacturer, who test  the low and high voltage switch cabinet for various of power-on testing before it leaves the factory. Offers a variety of AC and DC power supply, to facilitate the detection of switchgear, to improve work efficiency.

Alternative name

Switchgear power-on testbed, high voltage switchgear power-on testbed, low voltage switchgear power-on testbed, switchgear testbed,  high and low voltage switch cabinet testing device

The Characteristics of the products

1,High and low voltage switch cabinet power-on testbed integrates a variety of AC and DC power supply
2,Facilitate the detection of the switching cabinet, improve work efficiency greatly.

The parameters of the products

Input power: three-phase four-wire AC380V
Output voltage and current:
1, three-phase AC100V output (fixed value), a group of current ≤ 10A             one group
2, three-phase current AC5A fixed output 0-10A, with capacitive, resistive and inductive output current three modes output, can test the capacitive, resistive, inductive load switching of capacitor cabinet;                                                                one group

3, DC24V, 36V, 110V, 220V fixed output current ≤ 2A                         one group
4, AC voltage output AC 0 - 460V, current ≤ 10A
5, DC voltage output DC 0 - 260V, current ≤ 10A                             one group
6, three-phase AC380V output (fixed value, binding post)                        one group

7, single-phase AC220V output (fixed value, sockets)                           two groups

8 DC 0-300V switchgear closing power a group of (short-time work, the maximum 300A) (optional)                                                              one group

9, closing control node ⑤, ⑧, opening control contacts ⑥, ⑦                  one group

10, three-phase AC5A fixed current (or 0-10A adjustable current) and three-phase AC0-460V AC voltage can output simultaneously. facilitate load capacitance compensation testing and over voltage testing with different loaded.

11, with a 3-inch low-resistance running wheel, easy to move;
12, with a special winding drive, do not to remove the stitch, improve work efficiency;
13, using high-precision digital voltmeter and current meter, the accuracy is less than 0.5% , easy to read;
14, Dimensions / Weight: 700 × 750 × 1020mm/85Kg;
Note: NRGK-III low and high voltage switch cabinet power-on testbed can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements

Power supply: AC110V/115V/120V/127V/220V/230V/240V optional
Input frequency: 50Hz/60Hz optional
Note: The users can select the corresponding power which based on their local supply voltage and frequency, and we will confirm it before the delivery (or inform us that the goods will be used in which country advance)

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