NR-A10 Cable fault detector

NR-A10 Cable fault detector

Classification: Cable/Circuit/Lighting Arrester Test Device

Reference standard: DL/T849.1-2004,DL/T849.2-2004,DL/T849.3-2004

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Product introduction

NR-A10 cable fault detector is to cater to industrial-grade power industry solutions and IT era of rapid development, the original cable fault tester limitations, using industrial embedded computer platform systems, network services, USB communication technology systematic, very greatly improve the instrument's functions and use value and convenient on-site environmental operations. Especially for the growing number of buried cable provides a unique data management software. The entire system meets PRC power industry standard "DL/T849.1 ~ DL/T849.3-2004" special test equipment electrical equipment General technical conditions, the system is tested by the system host and the fault locator and meter three-part cable path for all kinds of power cable fault test, cable path, the depth of buried cables and cable testing archives to find the daily maintenance and management, as well as railways, airports and signal control cables, and streetlights accurate cable fault testing

Alternative name
Cable fault tester, high voltage cable fault tester, cable fault tester, pointing device, path analyzer, routing cable fault tester, cable fault Pursuit, portable cable fault location system, flash cable fault tester, cable fault sentinel, cable path analyzer
The Characteristics of the products
◆ The first use of industrial embedded computer platform system , industrial use of the environment , to achieve strong stability. Lithium-powered , convenient on-site testing.
◆ China's first 12.1-inch large-screen LCD , the entire computer XP operating platform integrated software , bid farewell to the era of cable tester chip and equipped with cable fault testing software and cable data management software.
◆ Using the latest USB communication interface , signal acquisition and stable, with a laptop computer can achieve dual control dual display , the host can automatically choose the lowest 6.25MHz, the sampling frequency up to 100MHz five kinds to meet the testing requirements of different cable lengths , reducing a rough measurement errors.
◆ Software fault auto search , close automatically, double cursor can be accurate to 0.15 meters , arbitrary waveform can be compressed , expanded , with the screen closer to the standard randomly display two waveforms for accurate comparison you analyze , improve test accuracy , reduce errors .
◆ Support for the latest launch of 3G communications terminal or wireless network card , a dedicated 3G software enables real-time testing expert remote site technical services, expert remote control hosts , giving users on-site testing to provide timely , accurate waveform analysis and exchange of guidance, so you worry work .
◆ 4G electronic waveform memory multi-class live and on-site physical wiring diagram, gently point you can use the cable data cable management software, file management can do well for the cable maintenance work and precise positioning to provide reference and help.
◆ Pinpoint key instrument in part, directly by the digital display test distance from the point of failure , is the same as another sentinel technology innovation, to quickly and accurately find cable faults , reducing power loss to provide a strong guarantee.
◆ Newly developed intelligent modular sampler , replacing the cumbersome field wiring , has a waveform intuitive, easy to analyze , with the high pressure completely isolated, the host , the operator absolute security features.
◆ High pressure discharge section three kinds to choose from, a national initiative latest TEXT-G35 replaced by high frequency high voltage power supply 8.9kg 65kg test transformer and control box , fill a gap.
The parameters of the products

1,Test distance

Unilateral test distance: ≥20km

2, Shortest test distance (blind area): < V/15(m)

"V" means the propagation speed of waves in the cable to be tested

3, Testing error

relative error: ≤ 2%

absolute error: fault point is within1000m, the error: ≤15m

            fault point is more than1000m, the error: ≤20m

            the error of fixed fault point:≤0.5m

4, Readout resolution: V/60m

"V" means the propagation speed of waves in the cable to be tested. Such as “Oil impregnated paper cable”, the propagation speed of waves is160m/us, the minimum readout resolution is2.66m, it means the cursor on the screen move every point, the reading changes2.6m.

5, Power: AC 220V±10% 50HZ

6, Environment

Temperature:-10℃~50℃Relative humidity: 80%±5%

7, The volume of the host:350mm*250mm*200mm

  The weight of the host:5KG

8, The configuration of equipment:

NR-A10: the host of cable fault detector

NR-A10: Multifunctional synchronization precision fixed-point meter

NR-A10: High voltage sampler

NR-A10: Discharge gap

Power supply: AC110V/115V/120V/127V/220V/230V/240V optional
Input frequency: 50Hz/60Hz optional
Note: The users can select the corresponding power which based on their local supply voltage and frequency, and we will confirm it before the delivery (or inform us that the goods will be used in which country advance)

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