HGQB-C Intelligent CT PT Tester

HGQB-C  Intelligent CT PT Tester

Classification: Measurement Product/Secondary Circuit Test

Reference standard: JJG313-94,JJG314-94

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Product introduction

It is a new automated testing equipment, it uses advanced electronic technology, the transformer is taken directly polar decomposition of the error signal, and after appropriate after the operation, the transformer points, phase error , quadrature error in the digital display. HGQB-C transformer calibrator is simple, intuitive readings, measure quickly, can reduce energy consumption, reduce labor intensity; small size, light weight, easy to carry and field testing; instrument can be fixed at 5% Operating current (voltage) under testing; otherwise required Electric Co., Ltd., Wuhan NARI can produce detect S-class current transformer and the secondary voltage of the voltage transformer calibrator 100/3V, then 1% of the rated instrument can measure the current transformer operating current the error; instrument in the detection process can be easily carried from the school at any time to ensure the accuracy of the instrument; critical components using imported components, stable and reliable quality, widely used in metering, power supply and other departments and transformer manufacturers, is to carry out transformer testing the ideal instrument.

Alternative name
Transformer tester, PT calibrator, CT calibrator
The Characteristics of the products

1. Use 320x240 dot-matrix LCD, with wide station visual zone and long life back lighting, easy to use.
2. With beautiful appearance.
3. Percentage, ratio, phase-angle difference displayed in big characters, convenient for customers to test.
4. Meets JJG314-1993 and JJG314-1994,automatically sample.
5. Automatically detect the polarity and ratio error.
6. The soft ware of the upper-computer with the function of virtual instrument.
7. Solve the problem of S degree measurement.
8. Automatically change the measurement distance.
9. Use advanced, special circuit and DSP technique, solve the problem of instability of resistor-condenser & phase-shifted Circuit
10. Power consumption: < 15VA(without micro printer)
                       < 25VA(with micro printer)
11. Harmonic Reduction:> 40db
12. Dimension:260mm×350mm×150mm
13. Weight:6kg

The parameters of the products
1. service condition
   (1) temperature:5℃--40℃   humidity:<80%(25℃)  
       power frequency:50Hz±0.5 Hz    supply voltage:220V±5V
   (2) measurement range:
       co-phase component (%): 0.0001~200.0                  
       resolution: 0.0001
       orthogonal component: 0.001~700.0         resolution: 0.001
       resistance(Ω): 0.0001~20.0               resolution: 0.0001
       admittance (ms): 0.0001~20.0              resolution: 0.0001
   (3) intrinsic error:
       co-phase component:   ΔX=±(X×2%+Y×2%)± Dx (1degree optional)
       orthogonal component: ΔY=±(X×2%+Y×2%)± Dy (1degree optional)
                            “X”,“Y”——display of the device 
                            “Dx , Dy”—— the quantization error of the device
  (4) dial indicator:      2 degree (1degree optional)
2. working range: 
  (1) current:(1%-149%)In    (In =5A) 
              (5%-149%)In    (In =1A) 
  (2) voltage:(5%-149%)Un    (Un =100V,150V,100V/ ) 
              (5%-149%)Un    (Un =100V/3) 
3. working load: 
  (1) current:TO-TX<0.12Ω       cosΦ=1
  (2) voltage:a-x<0.25VA        (100V) 
4. polarity error indication
   there should be polarity error indication when the working current (voltage) exceeds 5% of the rated current (voltage) , or the error more than 180%.
Note: if there was not indication when the working current (voltage) is more than 10% of the rated current (voltage), please stop increasing the current (voltage ), to avoid burn the device.
5. ratio error indication: 
   there should be ratio error indication when the working current (voltage) exceeds 5% of the rated current (voltage) , or the error more than 30% but less than 180%. 
6. explanation for insulation and withstand tests: 
   terminal TX connects to ( )terminal 
 the outlet can bear the shell 1.5kV, 1.5min withstand voltage.
7, transformer calibrator main features:
⑴ use 320 × 240 dot matrix LCD, visible range, with a long-life backlight, easy to use;
⑵ Chinese user interface, attractive interface;
⑶ dial indicator, ratio difference, angle difference using large font display, user observation;
⑷ fully meet JJG314-1993 and JJG314-1994 requirements, automatic sampling;
⑸ automatically determine the polarity of the error, ratio error;
⑹ PC software with virtual instruments open function;
⑺ completely solve the S-class measurement problems;
⑻ autoranging;
⑼ unique circuitry and advanced DSP technology combine to completely remove the RC phase shifter circuit instability.
⑽ power consumption: <15VA (without micro-printer)
<25VA (with micro-printer)
⑾ harmonic rejection ratio:> 40db
⑿ Dimensions: 260mm (length) × 350mm (W) × 150mm (height)
⒀ Weight: 6KG

Power supply: AC110V/115V/120V/127V/220V/230V/240V optional
Input frequency: 50Hz/60Hz optional
Note: The users can select the corresponding power which based on their local supply voltage and frequency, and we will confirm it before the delivery (or inform us that the goods will be used in which country advance)

Product information
1,Wiring according to the instruction correctly.
2, If you are unclear , please phone manufacturers, ask before the operation .
3, Make sure determine calibrator shutdown, cut the machine and cotrol box power before wiring or stitches ,,
4 , Double-check before starting , make sure the wiring is correct , reliable wiring , ground connections ;
5 , During the current transformer test , note the secondary can not be open , including the inability to easily switch current load box stalls ;
6 , Voltage transformer test , note the secondary can not be short-circuited. Requirements must be strictly in accordance with wiring diagram wiring, and reliable grounding , and should enclose the test site , retain sufficient safe distance , to prevent others from straying into the accident occurred ;
7 , Must satisfy nameplate required, put in right gear, use high current wires and dedicated test line when do current transformer test ;
8, Must be a professional ( or after the related training ) staff to operate this device.
9 , It’s dangerous and Not allowed to open any part of the device.
10 , Device maintenance and cleaning , use a soft, clean cotton cloth to wipe ;
11 , Handle with care, provide covering during storage, and guard against sunlight, rain and damp.