TAG-8000 Wireless High-voltage Phasing Tester

TAG-8000 Wireless High-voltage Phasing Tester

Classification: Voltage Divider/High Voltage Measuring Device/Nuclear Phase Tester

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Product introduction

TAG-8000 Wireless High-voltage Phasing Tester , used in power lines , substations and phase sequence phase checksum verification , with nuclear phase , phase sequence , electrical inspection and other functions with a strong anti-interference, compliance (EMC ) standards, adapt to various electromagnetic interference occasions . High voltage phase signal will be measured by the collector out emitted directly after the treatment . Received by the nuclear phase and the phase comparison , the results for the nuclear phase characterization. Because TAG-8000 Wireless high-pressure nuclear phase meter is a wireless transmission , thereby achieving safe, reliable, fast and accurate , adapt to various nuclear phase occasion.

Alternative name
Nuclear phase meter , nuclear phase devices, wireless nuclear phase device, high-voltage nuclear phase device, high-voltage nuclear phase meter , voice nuclear phase device, wireless nuclear phase device
The Characteristics of the products

1.TAG-8000 Wireless High-voltage Phasing Tester adopting large-capacity and maintenance-free battery, which completely solve the disposable electricity shortage and troublesome replacement for carbon battery, button batteries and other disposable battery, especially suitable for field work ; without loading the battery, so it do not cause spark , therefore the device complies with safety  mining equipment safety designing.
2.In the long-distance testing, the visible range will up to 200m, and can be used through the walls.
3.The phase, waveform, and frequency date will be showed on the LCD screen, the testing is quite safe,fast and reliable, with real female voice broadcasting.
4.Adopting the telescopic insulating rod , is portable and easy to use, the insulation performance meet requirements of electric insulation withstand testing.
5.The portable receiver with elegant design and non-slip treatment process
6.The total device adopts advanced technology, small and light.

The parameters of the products

① Accuracy: phase error ≤ 15 °, different phase error ≤ 15 ° 
② Sampling rate 3 times / sec 
③ X and Y collector supply voltage is 7.5V ± 1.5V 
④ X and Y collector current ≤ 5mA 
⑤ host and X, Y acquisition the sight transmission distance of X, Y ≥ 20m 
⑥ working environment : 0 ° ┉ +50 ° humidity : ≤ 85% RH 
⑦ storage environment : 0 ° ┉ +55 ° humidity : ≤ 85% RH 
⑧ the product of the measured voltage level of 0.38 KV ┉ 220KV

Power supply: AC110V/115V/120V/127V/220V/230V/240V optional
Input frequency: 50Hz/60Hz optional
Note: The users can select the corresponding power which based on their local supply voltage and frequency, and we will confirm it before the delivery (or inform us that the goods will be used in which country advance)

Product information
Safety issues: 
1.While testing on-site, the operator shall stay in a safe distance to operate. 
2.The tested insulating rod voltage rating is ≤ 220KV. 
3.( Special attention: Please checking the insulation rod carefully before using, pay attention to the weather, please strict compliance with the relevant national high-voltage testing regulation! ) 
4.Should earnestly implement the safety rules and regulations, and strictly comply with the relevant provisions of DL408-91 safety regulations (Electrical Power Substation part), keeping the instruments carefully and checking the insulation regularly.
5.The insulation rod is 6 telescopic rod , when in use, regardless of the operating voltage is the highest voltage , are put telescopic insulating rod pulled up state ( about 3.1 meters ) , griping the  Section VI, not Section .