NR506 Generator Rotor AC Impedance Test Device

NR506 Generator Rotor AC Impedance Test Device

Classification: Cable/Circuit/Lighting Arrester Test Device

Reference standard: GB/T1029-2005,JB/T8446-2005

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Product introduction
NR rotor impedance tester is to determine whether the generator rotor winding inter-turn short circuit of the special equipment, can be automatic, manual (unidirectional or bidirectional) measurement of the rotor winding voltage, current, impedance, power, phase angle and other parameters.
Alternative name

Generator rotor impedance tester

The Characteristics of the products
◆ Rotate the mouse, the operation more convenient.
◆ Selectable fast automatic measurement and manually select an arbitrary measure in two ways.
◆ large screen Chinese menu interface, real-time display of test data and curves.
◆ store data, comes with micro-printer, real fast print test data and characteristic curves.
◆ automatically adjusted according to the test parameter value protection action to ensure the safety of equipment.
◆ can cater to single-phase transformer no-load, short circuit test and voltage (current) transformers, arc suppression coil volt-ampere characteristic test.
The parameters of the products

1, AC impedance: 0 ~ 999.9Ω  Accuracy: 0.2%
2, AC voltage: 0 ~ 600V  Accuracy: 0.2%
3, AC current: 0 ~ 120A  Accuracy: 0.2%
4, Active power: 0 ~ 72KW  Accuracy: 0.5%
5, Rotation rate: 10 ~ 10000rpm  Accuracy: 0.2%
6, Frequency: 45 ~ 75Hz  Accuracy: 0.2%
7, Power supply: AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz
8, Volume: 415mm × 225mm × 200mm
9, Weight: 5kg

Power supply: AC110V/115V/120V/127V/220V/230V/240V optional
Input frequency: 50Hz/60Hz optional
Note: The users can select the corresponding power which based on their local supply voltage and frequency, and we will confirm it before the delivery (or inform us that the goods will be used in which country advance)

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