NR3630 Water-cooled Generator Insulation Tester

NR3630 Water-cooled Generator Insulation Tester

Classification: Earthing/Insulation/SF6 Gas Detection

Reference standard: DL/T596-2005,DL/T845.1-2004, DL/T474.1-2006

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Product introduction
This instrument designed for the measurement of water cooled generator test, also can be used to insulate the laboratory or field test trials. Output current is more than 25mA. The maximum output voltage is 2500V. Includes high-precision micro-current measurement systems, digital boost system. Just use a high-tension line and a signal line connected to the sample can be measured. Automatic measurement, results from the large-screen LCD, and the results are stored.
Alternative name
Water cooled generator insulation resistance tester, water cooled generator tester, insulation resistance tester
The Characteristics of the products
1. 32-bit micro-controller, easy to operate.
2. Automatically calculate the absorption ratio and polarization index, and automatically store 15 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 10 minutes to facilitate the analysis of data per minute.
3. Output current, (2500V lower output than 20mA), short-circuit current is greater than 20mA.
4. Fully enclosed high voltage generation module technology, internal protection resistors, safe and reliable.
5. Anti-interference ability, can satisfy EHV substation site operation.
6. Testing is completed automatically discharged and real-time monitoring discharge process.
The parameters of the products
Accuracy: ± 10%
Measuring range: 0.1MΩ ~ 20GΩ
Test voltage: 2500V
Short circuit current:> 20mA
Measuring time: 1 minute to 10 minutes (with measuring the way)
Power supply: 180 ~ 270VAC, 50Hz/60Hz ± 1% (mains or generator power)
Working environment: Temperature -10 ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity of 20 to 80%.

Power supply: AC110V/115V/120V/127V/220V/230V/240V optional
Input frequency: 50Hz/60Hz optional
Note: The users can select the corresponding power which based on their local supply voltage and frequency, and we will confirm it before the delivery (or inform us that the goods will be used in which country advance)

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