NRLF-D SF6 Gas Detector

NRLF-D SF6 Gas Detector

Classification: Earthing/Insulation/SF6 Gas Detection

Reference standard: DL/T846.6-2004

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Product introduction

NRLF-DSF6 Gas Detector was designed according customers suggestions and actual conditions of power system. It is flexible, steady, fast response, easy to operate, large movable region, can test SF6 breaker, GIS leakage and annual leakage ratio accurately and fast.

Alternative name

SF6 detector, SF6 gas detector

The Characteristics of the products
1. Compact size and lightweight: to make the utmost possible effort to use the lightweight materials, easy to transport and carry. 
2. Long measurement wire, can test the leakage point of 6M high, with wide moving range.
3. High sensitivity: use perfect designed circuit, reduces the interference by noise and electromagnetic wave, improve the sensitivity. 
4. Wide measurement range, multi gears switching: can choose and switch multi gears, and get the standard curve for each gear, quantitative and qualitative tests are available. 
5. High accuracy: uses advanced measurement methods, get the high accuracy calibration curve, improve the credibility and accuracy of the test results. 
6. Visual display, sound and light alarm: with indicating instrument, if with SF6, the sound and light alarm will work. 
7. Fast response, short recovery time: adopts new circuit structure, fast response, short recovery time, greatly convenient to field tests.
8. Built-in self-diagnostic function: the device can supervise self working conditions. 
9. Beautiful appearance: packaged with alloy case, all the buttons of the panel with indicators. 
10. Long performance life: running time up to 3 hours, applies to field test of SF6 HV switch factories and research institute.
11. Strong anti-interference: fully shielded, eliminate the interference by external and the device. 
12. High stability: the power and voltage with high stability, low temperature rise, less thermal losses, good thermal stability, with small null drift and range drift when testing.
13. Good repetitiveness: repeatedly test, good repetitiveness. 
14. High reliability: reasonable compact structure, adopts imported components, equipped with over-current, over-voltage protection.
The parameters of the products

1. The minimum detected value: 0.01μL/L
2. Measurement range: 10-30μL/L
3. Response time:< 1 second
4. Recovery time:< 10 second
5. Indicating error:≤±3%
6. Repetitiveness :≤1%
7. Stability :null drift:< ±1%
              range drift:< ±1%
8. Indication means: indicating instrument and sound & light alarm 
9. The measurement length of the gun probe:4 meters
10. Running hours: 3 hours
11. Power:220V 50HZ
12. Service condition:
13. Weight:15kg

Power supply: AC110V/115V/120V/127V/220V/230V/240V optional
Input frequency: 50Hz/60Hz optional
Note: The users can select the corresponding power which based on their local supply voltage and frequency, and we will confirm it before the delivery (or inform us that the goods will be used in which country advance)

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Product information
1 in the pre-boot, the operator should be familiar with the operating instructions, in strict accordance with the instrument startup and shutdown procedures.
(2) prohibited the probe gun on the ground, probe the gun holes shall be dust pollution, so as not to affect the instrument's performance.
3 penetrating guns and host shall not be demolished, so as not to affect the instrument work.
4 The instrument probe is fine, do not self-regulate. Whether the instrument is subject to the number of cells from the school.
5 Note that the vacuum pump maintenance, pay attention to whether the normal operation of the solenoid valve and check valve seal. Because the vacuum pump and the solenoid valve is working properly, will affect the use of the instrument.
6 to pump oil change, NRLF-D SF6 gas leak detector shall live (to unplug the power cord), in order to avoid electric shock.
7. NRLF-D SF6 gas leak during transport, non-inverted, non-violent vibrations.