NRCT-201 HV CT Ratio Tester

NRCT-201 HV CT Ratio Tester

Classification: Measurement Product/Secondary Circuit Test

Reference standard: JB/T9285-1999,JB/T5356-2002

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Product introduction

Differ from the traditional structure, specilized for measuring high and low voltage secondary circuit of a current, variable ratio, relative to other, polarity, leakage current and well-designed. Using the latest CT technology and mask figures integration technology. By a dedicated high voltage detector, low current clamp, the host, high voltage insulation rod, monitoring software and other components, and its wireless transmission of test data can penetrate obstacles to multi-storey buildings, linear transmission distance up to 30 meters. If you do not use insulated rod, but also can be used as high-precision voltage clamp meter, leakage current meter can accurately measure 0.00mA ~ 1000A current or leakage current.

Alternative name

CT ratio polarity line detector, high voltage transformer ratio tester, high voltage CT ratio tester, high voltage CT ratio tester, high voltage transformer ratio tester, live measurement of high voltage CT ratio tester, high CT ratio tester

The Characteristics of the products

1.Current clamp is made of special alloys , using the latest CT technology and magnetic shielding technology , not affected by external magnetic field, to ensure uninterrupted year-round monitoring of high-precision, high stability, high reliability.
2.More clearly with blue LCD displayer and large storage space, can store 3000 groups of data .
3.Monitoring software with an online real-time monitoring and historical inquiry , dynamic display, waveform indication , ratio, frequency indication , with the maximum, minimum , average indication with alarm settings and alarm indicator, historical data read , inspection , preservation, analysis, processing , sorting, curve fitting , reports, printing and other functions .
4.High-pressure detector connected to the insulating rod can be used for the following 60KV high voltage line current measurements on both sides of the current transformer size , ratio test , on-line current monitoring , and its special high-voltage current clamp by pushing or pulling back or insulating rod can easily clamp evacuation measured wire , time-saving shortcuts , widely used in substations and industrial and mining enterprises ﹑power plants , inspection station, electrical maintenance department for current sensing , electrical inspectors , field operations, such as electricians . Lightweight insulating rod with a moisture- impact , bending resistance, high temperature resistance, high insulation , scalable, and so on.

The parameters of the products


High and low voltage secondary circuit of a current ratio, polarity , phase types, leakage current online monitoring ; transformer sides the current size , ratio -line monitoring

Power source

 DC6V alkaline batteries (1.5V AAA × 4) approximately 30 hours of continuous work

Test methods

Clamp CT


Wireless transmission, transmission distance of about 30m straight line

Display Mode

LCD: 128dots × 64dots; blue backlight function , suitable for dark places

LCD Size

Display field : 44mm × 27mm

Meter size

Host : width height thickness 75mm × 170mm × 30mm
Voltage tester : width height thickness 76mm × 255mm × 31mm
Low Current Clamp : Width height thickness 63mm × 160mm × 23mm

Jaw size

 Voltage tester : φ48mm
Low current clamp : φ30mm

Sampling rate

2 times / sec

Measuring range

High voltage detector : 0.0mA ~ 1000A
Low Current Clamp : 0.00mA ~ 10A


High voltage detector : 0.1mA; Low Current Clamp : 0.01mA


Automatic gearshift

Primary circuit test accuracy
23 ℃ ± 3 ℃, below 80% RH

0.0mA~10.0A:       ±1%±5dgt 

10.0A~49.9A:      ±2%±5dgt 

50.0A~199.9A:     ±3%±5dgt

200A~600A:        ±4%±5dgt   

601A~1000A:       ±5%±5dgt  

Secondary circuit test accuracy
23 ℃ ± 3 ℃, below 80% RH

0.00~10A:  ±1%±5dgt


Three kinds of variables than the display : ( a secondary circuit measured current ratio ; commuted to the secondary circuit 5A ratio ; to the 10kV-YY transformer 10kV/380V commuted ratio ) , the maximum ratio of 1:1 ten million ( 1.0K7)

Data storage

3000 groups , press the HOLD key to keep the data and numbered storage automatically (not affact by replace the battery or a sudden brownout)

Line Voltage

The following 60kV line test ( must be insulated with 5 lever operation )

Data Hold

Press HOLD to hold the data , HOLD symbol is displayed , press the HOLD button to cancel maintained

Data checking

Press HOLD + POWER key to enter the Data Recall Mode

Overflow Show

Overrange overflow function : "OL A" symbol is displayed

No signal indication

When the host transmits a signal is not received prompt " No Signal"

Automatic shutdown

About 15 minutes after the start , the meter will automatically shut down

Battery voltage

When the battery voltage is lower than 4.8V, low battery symbol appears , replace the battery alert

Instrumentation quality

Host : 240g ( with battery )
High voltage detector : 335g ( with battery )
Low current clamp : 170g
Instrument total mass : 2.8Kg ( including insulation rod and battery )

Outside interference

No particularly strong electromagnetic fields ; without 433MHz, 315 MHz co-channel interference

Working temperature and humidity

-25℃~45℃;below 80%Rh

Storage Temperature and Humidity

-10℃~60℃; below 70%Rh

Insulating rod dimensions

φ32mm, 1m / section ( 5 standard ) , can be extended .

Low current clamp wire length

 Standard 2 m ( distance can be lengthened according to the site )

Dielectric Strength

High voltage detector : AC100kV/rms ( Section 5 insulating rod with high current clamp clamp core )
Host and low-voltage current clamp : AC1000V/rms


Drip Ⅱ type ( high voltage detector )

Safety Rules

IEC1010-1, IEC1010-2-032, Pollution degree 2, CAT Ⅲ (600V), IEC61326 (EMC standard )


Clamp : 1 ; Receiver: 1 ; current clamp : 1 ; Disc : 1 ; RS232 communication cable : 1 ; meter box : 1 ; insulating rod ( 1 m ) : 5 ; batteries (LR03) : 8

Power supply: AC110V/115V/120V/127V/220V/230V/240V optional
Input frequency: 50Hz/60Hz optional
Note: The users can select the corresponding power which based on their local supply voltage and frequency, and we will confirm it before the delivery (or inform us that the goods will be used in which country advance)

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