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Wuhan Nanrui 400kV DC divider has passed identification by National Metrological Station

Author:NANR Visits:    Published Time:2013/7/3 11:46:37

On December 27, 2012, our independent R&D production of FRC-400kV DC voltage divider, go through the identification acceptance tests of National High-voltage Metrology Station . The total  accuracy of the FRC-400kV DC voltage divider is less than 0.3%, the total linearity is less than 0.1 %, the Certificate Number (Meterage) : 201230258. The products get through the identification of National High-voltage Metrology Station at first try , indicating that our company has won a  leadership in the field of high-voltage detection, and also demonstrating our company's core competitiveness, establishing a stable foundation for a faster and better development in future .