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Indonesian customers came to visite our company

Author:NANR Visits:    Published Time:2013/7/22 15:51:23
   In the afternoon of July 6, 2009 , Indonesian customers Bran and his entourage came to visit our company, held cordial exchanges with our General Manager and reached a consensus on a number of cooperation. At first, our marketing manager MS Peng gave a brief introduction of our company to Mr. Chan, the achievements we gained, the main products, and the subsequent development we planned. Later on Indonesian customers and our General Manager have a comprehensive communication on technical indicators and other related issues of our product transformer integrated performance testing station testbed , then them visited the production line, and gave a us a highly praise of products quality.
   After the visit and cordial talks, the two sides signed a contract on the transformer integrated performance testbed . After this cooperation and to reach consensus on many sides, we will cooperate based on mutual benefits and common development principles, so as to provide a new direction for our company's market development.