NRPA Precision AC Divider

NRPA Precision AC Divider

Classification: Voltage Divider/High Voltage Measuring Device/Nuclear Phase Tester

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Product introduction

NR-PA Precision AC voltage divider adopts for national- wide, provincial and municipal Quality & Technical Supervision, high voltage laboratory as standard divider. As its high accuracy, it can measure AC relative small changes, and provide reliable measuring method for analyzing varies of materials, precision measuring voltage and nominal voltage.
Wuhan Nanrui Electric Company has committed to promote AC voltage divider for long time, so far the highest voltage level is 500kV, and the highest accuracy is 0.05%. Fully listening to the views of provincial Metrology Institutes, we have resigned this series of products, which make it lighter and stability. All the core components are imported, through more than 30 kinds of strict screening processes to guarantee the excellent performance. 

Alternative name

AC Voltage Divider, AC Standard Voltage Divider

The Characteristics of the products
The parameters of the products

1.Voltage: AC: 0~1200KV

2.Accuracy: AC: 0.1%

3.Voltage division ratio: 10000:1, 100000:1(special voltage division ratio can be customized)

4.Interface: can directly connect with high precision multimeter such as Agilent and Fluke etc, do not need to consider the input impedance.

5.Operating temperature:0℃-45℃

6.Measuring temperature :20℃-25℃

7.Relative humidity: Less than 85% RH

8.Altitude: less than2000m(high altitude can be customized)  

Power supply: AC110V/115V/120V/127V/220V/230V/240V optional
Input frequency: 50Hz/60Hz optional
Note: The users can select the corresponding power which based on their local supply voltage and frequency, and we will confirm it before the delivery (or inform us that the goods will be used in which country advance)

Product information

According to the different voltage waveform we have five different voltage divider models to be chose, and the main different function as below:

1.FRC Series AC-DC voltage divider is applied to measuring the power frequency AC high voltage which the accuracy is less than 0.5% or high voltage under 300Hz and DC high voltage which the accuracy is less than 0.5%. Widely used in national wide and city level power supply bureau, power plant, varies of electrical installation company and power maintenance unit of large power enterprise.

2.NR-PD Precision DC voltage divider is applied to DC voltage precision measuring which the accuracy requirement is 0.2 %, 0.1% or 0.05 %. Such as the national wide and city level municipal pilot station, metering stations and research institutes .

3.NR-PA Precision AC voltage divider is applied to AC voltage precision measuring which the accuracy requirement is 0.2 %, 0.1% or 0.05 %, and the frequency is 30-300Hz. Such as high-voltage cable dielectric loss testing by national cable manufacturers, and as a power frequency standard in provinces & municipal pilot station and electricity metering station, while measuring 30-300Hz AC high voltage.

4.NRV high voltage probe is applied to measuring the frequency more than 20MHz, the measurement accuracy of DC is less than 0.1%, the measurement accuracy of 10Hz-1MHz impulse high voltage is less than 1.0%, and the measurement accuracy of more than 1MHz impulse high voltage is less than 3%. NRV used with oscilloscope can measure all kinds of voltage waveform, suitable for analyzing the high-voltage circuit breakers, high-frequency high-voltage DC power supply, particle accelerator and a variety of high-voltage high-frequency characteristics.

5.NRP pulses divider is applied to measuring variety of standardlightning wave, the response time is less than 100ns.

6.Nanrui (NR) voltage dividers naming rules as follows :
FRC-General voltage divider series (also named as SGB digital high voltage meter), it is mainly applied to measuring frequency voltage, the accuracy is not high, just satisfy the general measurement requirements.
NR-representative for Wuhan NANRUI Electric Co.;
P-is the first letter of precision, used for precision high voltage measurement
D-is DC, used for measuring DC voltage;
A-is AC, used for measuring AC voltage;
P- is pulse, used for measuring the pulse voltage.

FRC series voltage divider are divided into below three kinds products based on different types of measuring voltage:
1, FRC capacitive voltage divider (also called FRC AC voltage divider, it is used for measuring AC);

2, FRC RC voltage divider (also called FRC AC and DC voltage divider, it is used for measuring AC and DC);
3, FRC resistor voltage divider (also calledFRCDCvoltage divider, it is used for measuring DC)
If you do not indicate the specific type, we will default to AC and DC voltage divider.