HEJS-H Top Speed Full Program Controlled Transformer Calibration Device

HEJS-H Top Speed Full Program Controlled Transformer Calibration Device

Classification: Measurement Product/Secondary Circuit Test

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Product introduction

HEJS-H speed fully programmable transformer test equipment is a new generation of transformer test equipment, in order to adapt to the rapid and accurate request for calibration, hereby we have developed the new generate the transformer test equipment. The device consists of HEJS-H top speed transformer calibrator, current load box, control cabinet and special tester for current transformer. Under the premise of maintaining the original technology, it has been greatly improved speed of measurement of current transformer, make a fast locating to the tested point, load box, and transformer ratio, etc.

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The Characteristics of the products

1, This device fine adjustment has used the programmable source technology, make the location of tested points more quickly and accurately.

2, This device has improved the measuring speed for several sets of transformers ,it can be measure 12 sets of current transformer with any ratio in 3-5 minutes.

3, The device configures a 1A, 5A standard current transformer, the current load box also configures a 1A, 5A load value 2.5VA-80VA, the voltage load box configures a  100V, 100/1.732 load value from the basic 1.25VA-158.75VA, that can meet the user's requirements. Load box can automatical shift in the process of measurement.

4, This device can measure the transformer by rules or not, the user can specify any percentage when in the process of measurement.

The parameters of the products

1. The environment condition of usage:

Temperature: 5 ℃~40 ℃

Relative humidity: <80% (25 ℃)

Altitude height: <2500m

Power supply frequency: 50Hz ±0.5Hz

Power supply voltage: 220V±5V

2. Relevant parameter for HEJS-H Top speed full program controlled transformer test device  

1), Measurement range

Same phase component: (%): 0.0001~200.0         Resolution: 0.0001

Quadrature component: (percent): 0.001~999.9      Resolution: 0.001

Impedance: (W): 0.0001~60.0                     Resolution:0.0001

Admittance: (ms): 0.0001~60.0                    Resolution: 0.0001

2), Basic error:

Same phase component: △X=±(X×2%+Y×2%±2 word)

Quadrature component: △Y=±(X×2%+Y×2%±5 word)

 “X”、“Y”——Displayed value of instrument

 “5 word”——quantization errorof instrument

Dial gage: Class 1

3. Working range

Current:  (1%-149%) In  (In=5A)

       (5%-149%) In  (In=1A)

4. Working load

Current: To Tx<0.12W cosφ=1

5. Error indication for polarity

There will be polarity indication if the rated working current exceed more than 5%, the error exceed 180%.

Note: If there are no indication as the rated working current exceed more than 10%, that means software failure, so please do not increase current to avoid burning the instrument.

6. Ratio error indication

There will be ratio error indication if the rated working current is more than 5%, and the error is between 30% and 180%.

7. Insulation and withstand voltage testing and state

Connected: Terminal Tx and ()

Unconnected: K and D terminal with ()

Power socket can withstand 1.5kV and 1 minute to the shell

8. Outer dimension: (L 445×W 330×H 140)mm3

9. Weight: 10kg

Power supply: AC110V/115V/120V/127V/220V/230V/240V optional
Input frequency: 50Hz/60Hz optional
Note: The users can select the corresponding power which based on their local supply voltage and frequency, and we will confirm it before the delivery (or inform us that the goods will be used in which country advance)

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