HEF-G Voltage Transformer Error Test Device

HEF-G Voltage Transformer Error Test Device

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Product introduction

The high voltage electric energy measuring instrument of power plants and substations metering device, and other kinds of electric energy measuring instruments, that concern the benefit of producing electricity, power transmission and power supply. To ensure accurate measurement, that must follow JJG1021-2007 "Power transformers" and DL/T448-2000 "Energy metering technology management procedures" for testing.

Our HEF-G High voltage transformer calibrator based on high-end testing technology, with large-scale electronic circuit design and compliance with the relevant national regulations. It solves the field test voltage transformer heavy working intensity, complicated operation process, meanwhile the product is reliable and with powerful functions.

Alternative name
Voltage transformer error test set
The Characteristics of the products

1, HEF-G voltage transformer field error calibrator has both error characteristics simulation and potential difference measuring methods, it’s convenient to carry out on-site verification.

2, On-site test voltage transformer no need the standard voltage transformer, booster, loading box and voltage control box, just using an simple test wire and operations to achieve electromagnetic voltage transformer testing, greatly reducing the intensity of the work and improve work efficiency, easy to carry out on-site transformer site verification work.

3, The internal of HEF-G voltage transformer error on-site calibrator internal field calibrator measured with a standard voltage transformer and voltage transformer with the ratio of its accuracy grade is 0.05, can accurate measure the voltage transformer ratio and load errors. Then combined with the test results impedance and admittance, which can calculate the error of transformer.

4, Wide measuring range, can reach to 6kV/100V ~ 220kV / V / 100 / V.

5, With voltage transformer turns ratio, DC resistance and voltage load box testing function.

6, With dual winding voltage transformer testing function,has two load box.

7, Adopt 640 × 480 high-resolution large-screen LCD display, and with user-friendly interface and operation design, the touch auxiliary screen make the operation become more convenient and faster.

8, Use precise software algorithms, improve the accuracy of measurement data.

9, With intelligent judgment external line status, indicate the wiring errors, ratio and polarity errors.

10, Can automatic test the whole data, and judge if out-of-tolerance, and the out-of-tolerance data is displayed in anti-black, which is straightforward.

11, Can issued the on-site verification result directly, shows it’s qualified or unqualified.

12, With large-scale field test data memory, can store up to 1000 information messages.

13, Build-in a printer, can print the test data field.

14, Use engineering plastics chassis, anti-shock and anti-pressure, can ensure the safety of equipment operating personnel at the scene in the process of high-voltage testing.

The parameters of the products

1, Measure range for voltage transformer error tester
①, Whole accuracy: The error limited value of tested transformer is 1/3
②, Test range: 6kV/100V           10kV/100v          20kV/100V          35kV/100V
6kV//100V/   10kV//100v/   20kV//100V/      35kV//100V/
66kV/100V/     110kV/ /100v/  220kV/ /100V/
③,Working range for tested voltage transformer: 80%~120%
④, Secondary load: 0.0VA~300VA,  COSφ=0.1~1.0
⑤,Precision for tested voltage transformer: 1.0、0.5、0.2、0.1
⑥, The tested error for resistance and admittance: ≤5.0%
Measurement range: R: 0.00Ω~5.0Ω
                  Y:  0.000mS~200.0mS
2, Calibration part for voltage transformer error tester
① Basic error:
Same-phase component:  △X=±(X×2%+Y×2%±2 words)
                      Y=±(X×2%+Y×2%±5 words)
                      “X”、“Y”——Indicated value of instrument
                      “5 word”——Quantization error of instrument
Dialgauge: Grade 1
Measured range:  f: 0.0000%~200.0%
                δ: 0.000′~999.9′
② Rated working voltage: 100/3V、100/ V、100V
③ The tested voltage transformer working range: 20%~200%
3, Instrument consumption power: 20VA
4, Instrument accuracy grade: 0.05

Power supply: AC110V/115V/120V/127V/220V/230V/240V optional
Input frequency: 50Hz/60Hz optional
Note: The users can select the corresponding power which based on their local supply voltage and frequency, and we will confirm it before the delivery (or inform us that the goods will be used in which country advance)

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