NRCT-100A Multi-functional Energy Meter Calibrator

NRCT-100A Multi-functional Energy Meter Calibrator

Classification: Watt-hour Meter Checking/Other Accessories

Reference standard: ZBY097-1994

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Product introduction

NRCT-100 Multi-functional energy meter calibrator is the latest development of high precision testing instrument in our company, which has functions of electric parameter measurement, energy meter calibration and wiring judgment. The instrument is equipped with high precision and high linearity of voltage transformer and current transformer to make high measuring precision of various parameters, at the same time, it is equipped with clip-on current transformer, that makes the field wiring simple, it can directly access without interrupting current circuit.

Alternative name

Single-phase Energy Meter Calibrator; single-phase watt-hour meter tester; single-phase energy meter on-site Calibrator

The Characteristics of the products

(1) The instrument is a high precision measuring instrument, which can be used in the calibration of electric energy meter, testing of electrical parameters, detection of waveform distortion, voltage fluctuation, unbalanced three-phase and other power quality problems occurred in the power grid.

(2) The instrument can detect the integrated error of measuring equipment on line on the case of no power failure, without changing the measuring circuit and do not open the metering equipment.

(3) The precise measurement of voltage, current, active power, reactive power, phase angle, power factor, frequency and other electrical parameters to calculate the measurement error of the test equipment circuit.

(4) It can display the measured voltage and current vector diagram, the user can analyze the wiring of the measuring equipment is correct or not through the analysis of vector diagram. Meanwhile, when in the three-phase three-wire connection mode, it can automatically determine 48 kinds of wiring; Automatic calculation function of electricity compensation facilitates the operator to calculate the electricity compensation for the user whose wiring has problem.

(5) Clip-on transformer is used to measure the current circuit, the operator does not need to disconnect the current circuit, the measurement is convenient and safe.

(6) It can calibrate voltmeter, ammeter, power meter, phase meter and other indicating instruments, and also can measure variety of 1A or 5A three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire and single phase of active and reactive energy meters.

(7) Can use photoelectric, manual, pulse and other methods to calibrate the energy meter.

(8) Measurement and analysis of the AC power quality from the grid to the client, the measurement include: frequency deviation, voltage deviation, voltage fluctuation, three-phase voltage unbalance and harmonic.

(9) it can display the single-phase voltage, current waveform, it also can display the three-phase voltage and current waveform at the same time.

(10) Load fluctuation monitoring: measuring and analyzing the fluctuation of power quality caused by the power quality of the public power grid under different operating conditions. Recording and storage voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, frequency, phase and other power parameters.

(11) Dynamic monitoring the adjustment and operation of electrical equipment, to help users solve the problems occurred during adjustment and operation.

(12) Test and analysis the reactive power compensation and the dynamic parameters of filtering device in power system, and make quantitative evaluation on their function and technical specifications.

(13) With optional bar code scanner, can automatically enter the bar code of meter.

(14) Can test the communication interface 485 of energy meter, and also can make on-site calibration for multifunctional (intelligent) energy meter, can carry out error checking according to the demand cycle and slip time which has been set in the meter.

(15) With calendar and clock function, real-time display date and time.

(16) Can save the test results and on-site calibration at the same time, and uploaded to the computer through the serial port to realize computerized management of data by the backstage management software (optional).

The parameters of the products

1、Input characteristics

Voltage measuring range 0 ~ 400V. 57.7V, 100V, 200V, 400V four gears of measuring range can be switched automatically.
Current measuring range: 0 ~ 5A. The built-in transformer is divided into 5A (CT) gear. Clamp-on transformer is divided into six gears, they are 5A (small clamp), 25A (small clamp), 100A (medium clamp), 500A (medium clamp), 400A (big clamp), 2000A (big clamp) . (the medium clamp and large clamp is optional).
Phase angle measuring range 0~359.999°
Frequency measuring range 45~55Hz


Measurement accuracy:

Voltage ±0.05%(±0.1%)
Current ± 0.05%(± 0.01%) (clamp-on transformer:± 0.5%)
Active power ± 0.05% (± 0.01%) (clamp-on transformer:± 0.5%)
Reactive power ± 0.3% (± 0.5%) (clamp-on transformer: ± 1.0%)
Active energy ± 0.05% (± 0.01%) (clamp-on transformer:± 0.5%)
Reactive energy ± 0.3% (± 0.5%) (clamp-on transformer: ± 1.0%)
Frequency ±0.05%(±0.1%)
Phase ±0.2°

3、Power quality

The amplitude of fundamental voltage and fundamental current The permissible error of fundamental voltage ≤0.5%F.S
The permissible error of fundamental current ≤1%F.S
The measuring error of the phase difference between fundamental voltage and fundamental current ≤0.5°
The measuring error of harmonic voltage ratio ≤0.1%
The measuring error of harmonic current ratio ≤0.2%
The unbalance error of three-phase voltage ≤0.2%

4、Operation temperature

Operation temperature:-10℃~ +40℃


⑴、The insulation resistance between chassis and voltage input or current input: ≥ 100MΩ.

⑵、The withstand between the input end of working power supply and the casing is 1.5KV (RMS), for 1 minute experiment.

6、Standard energy pulse constant

Standard energy pulse constant: built-in transformer constant (FL)=10000 r/kW·h  ,

The clamp type transformer constant (FL):








2000 r/KW·h

500 r/KW·h

100 r/KW·h

125 r/KW·h

25 r/KW·h





Power supply: AC110V/115V/120V/127V/220V/230V/240V optional
Input frequency: 50Hz/60Hz optional
Note: The users can select the corresponding power which based on their local supply voltage and frequency, and we will confirm it before the delivery (or inform us that the goods will be used in which country advance)

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