MAS-II DC Micro-amperemeter

MAS-II DC Micro-amperemeter

Classification: Watt-hour Meter Checking/Other Accessories

Reference standard: JJG598-1989,JJG124-2005

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Product introduction
MAS-II DC micro-amperemeter is a new DC micro-ammeter, which without interference and effects by high voltage.
Alternative name
digital micro-ammeter, DC micro-ammeter, AC micro-ammeter, DC HV micro-ammeter
The Characteristics of the products
1. Stainless steel crust, arc-shaped can eliminate corona discharge effectively.
2. Special protection circuit, ensure that discharge without damage.
3. Three and half LCD.
4. Applies to the measured voltage less than DC800kv.
5. Adopts built-in 9V batteries.
6. Equipped with HV shielded cable.
The parameters of the products
1. Power: 9V battery
2. Measurement distance: 0-1999μA
3. Accuracy:0.5
4. Temperature:0-40
5. Altitude: ≤2000M
6. Weight:560g
7. Dimension: 140mm×60mm×45mm
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